Installing Security Camera Systems for Your Home Surveillance

Installing Security Camera Systems for Your Home Surveillance

Let us discuss in this article how you can install both wired and wireless types of security camera systems meant for your home surveillance

Let us start with the wired version of the camera system that is installed by any San antonio alarm systems installation company.

For installation of hardwired security camera system:

In this kind of system, all the main modules are fixed on their respective locations as decided by the professionals. This will be based on the type and size of the property and security requirement.

All the modules will be interconnected with the help of wired harnesses that are already prefabricated based on the location of the various modules.  

After the completion of the connections, the final testing will be done to check the performances as designed for the system.

When such a system is procured from any company then it will also provide a complete installation manual and the installation engineers will install them accordingly.

For installation of wireless security camera system:

Installation of a wireless security system is relatively easier than the above option because it does not involve so much wiring and connections.


First, you need to select the spot where you will strategically going to place various sensors needed to detect any object. Then the installation engineer will install those sensors in those locations.

Wireless motion detector installation

The installation engineer will decide the location of your motion detector based on the requirements and design of the whole system.

Installing of the wireless control panel

Thereafter the control panel will be installed as per the manufacturer’s specifications.